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Buy Online on eBay and Craigslist

You probably have seen us on Facebook, on our website at and on Craigslist.

To find us on Craigslist:
go to, select Bellingham listings, then click the “for sale” listings; in the search box put the words “AL Thrift” and our current ads will come up.

Did you know we ALSO have an eBay presence?
eBay auction items are NOT located in our shop here at 2817 Meridian; they’re located off site until the listings are completed.  You are most welcome to bid on our eBay listings, and if you win an auction or purchase a “buy it now” item from us, you pay no shipping cost if you can come to the shop to pick up the item, rather than having it mailing. 

 To find our eBay listings online:
On at the far right upper corner, next to the big “search” word, there is the word “advanced” in smaller letters.  Click that link.  That brings up a page of search options.  In the left column click the link under “find items” where it says “by seller”.  Then in the box where you enter “seller’s ID”, enter the name “alb_thriftshop”.  (That’s an “underscore” between the alb and thriftshop).  We list interesting items on eBay almost every day!


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Mission: Assistance League of Bellingham is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization serving Whatcom County children, adults and seniors.

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