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ChloeCornish copyEnrichment Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is closed for this year. 

We’ll have the 2017 application forms available online in early January, with the application deadline yet to be determined (probably in March of 2017).


The Assistance League of Bellingham (ALB) is again offering summer Enrichment Scholarship opportunities to Whatcom County students who are currently enrolled in grades 6-11 in a public school (or are home-schooled with a public school affiliation). Private school students do not qualify. Students who are related to an Assistance League member may not apply for a scholarship. The scholarships are for programs running during the summer only, not the standard school year.

The application form is posted on the ALB website so that it can be downloaded. It will also be provided to each public middle and high school in Whatcom County; a student can ask a school counselor for a copy of the application.

The scholarships are competitive, and not based on financial need. We would love to fund everyone who takes the time and energy to apply for the scholarship, but we typically are only able to raise funds to award about half of the applications we receive. Scoring is done on the basis of an English essay and a letter of recommendation. Approximate point values are: 1/3 letter of recommendation, 1/3 English writing skills, and 1/3 content (e.g., does the essay convince us that the applicant will benefit from attending the chosen summer program?). A school transcript or report card is not required. Applicants are reminded that grammar and spelling count, and are encouraged to spend time polishing their essays before submitting them. It is fine to have a parent or other person critique the essay and point out grammatical and spelling errors, but the content of the essay is to be the original work of the applicant.

Previous winners: Previous winners of a middle school award may apply again; 9th and 10th grade students who received an award from us this year cannot apply again next year. That is, high school students are not eligible to win the award two high school years in a row.

Not every summer camp or program qualifies for the ALB Enrichment Scholarship. Acceptable programs include those in art, business, chess, dance, debate, drama, computers, ecology, journalism, language study, leadership, math, music, science, engineering, and more, including college preview programs. Not acceptable are private lessons, religion-centered programs, programs in foreign countries, or sports camps. Students may apply for only ONE scholarship per year. Once the committee has selected the awardees, the award cannot be transferred to a different camp or program.

Award checks are made out to the program, not to the student, but will be sent to the student to be forwarded to the summer program. The scholarship can be applied to tuition and the cost of materials and supplies purchased from the program, but not transportation costs.

– For grades 6-8 the maximum award is $400

– For grades 9-11 the maximum award is $900

Questions? Please email or call the ALB Thrift Shop at 360-738-2803 and leave a message asking for the ESP chairperson to return your call.

2016 Enrichment Scholarship Program Awards

“Congratulations to the Whatcom County students who won Enrichment Scholarship Awards from Assistance League of Bellingham in 2016!

These students together received the benefit of nearly $47,000 in scholarship money raised through our Thrift & Gift Shop sales and other fundraising efforts”. 

Awardees listed by school

Blaine Middle School

Hailey Ridings, 8th grade (ID Tech computer science program)

Fairhaven Middle School

Liam Sinnett, 6th grade (Bellingham Art)

Maysen Russell, 7th grade (Alpengirl outdoor program)

Keller Morrison, 8th grade (Canoe Island French Camp)

Joyce Kim, 8th grade (Japan Seattle Suzuki Institute; music)

Adrian vant Hoog, 8th grade (WWU Summerwinds; music)

Clara Kelly, 8th grade (WWU Chamber Days; music)

Horizon Middle School

Thomas Lebitz-Braden, 8th grade (WWU Summerwinds; music)

Kulshan Middle School

Ella Franey, 7th grade (WWU Odyssey of Science and Arts; engineering)

Lynden Middle School

Ben Seaholm, 8th grade (Digital Media Academy)

Jakob Thies, 8th grade (Lake Samish Music Camp)

Cade Bennett, 8th grade (Boy Scout camp)

Meridian Middle School

Andrew Burns, 8th grade (Bellingham Art)

Shuksan Middle School

Rajbir Sangha, 6th grade (WWU Odyssey of Science and Arts; film/media)

Leandra Perez, 6th grade (WWU Odyssey of Science and Arts; rocket science)

Angelica Perez, 7th grade (WWU Odyssey of Science and Arts; rocket science)

Sophia Korsmo, 8th grade (YMCA 2016 Leaders In Training)

Madalyn Merk, 8th grade (WWU Odyssey of Science and Arts; marine biology)

Avery Carlson, 7th grade (WWU Odyssey of Science and Arts; marine biology)

Vista Middle School

Malachi Dunham, 7th grade (Boy Scout camp

Jordyn Ives, 7th grade (River Ranch Girl Scout Camp Theater Program)

Taryn F Genger, 7th grade (Worldstrides; leadership program)

Lucida Olson, 8th grade (Eastern Washington University Satori Camp)

Whatcom Middle School

Solea Kunchick, 6th grade (Wild Whatcom, outdoor leadership)

Isabel Enright-Down, 6th grade (WWU Odyssey of Science and Arts, art program)

Julia Schwartz, 6th grade (NW Ballet Academy)

Chloe Ordello, 7th grade (Wild Whatcom, outdoor leadership)

Gen Sakura, 8th grade (Digital Media Academy

Anishka Duggal, 8th grade (Davidson Institute; college preview program)

Bellingham High School

Aspen Buckingham, 9th grade (Camp Fire Girls)

Azriel Kunchick, 9th grade (Wild Whatcom; outdoor program)

Chloe Graham-Hogan, 9th grade (Wild Whatcom; outdoor program)

Oliver Knickrehm, 10th grade (Grand Canyon Youth; outdoors/ecology)

Chase Travers, 11th grade (Marrowstone Music Festival)

Soren Brotherton, 11th grade (American Alpine Institute; outdoor program)

Blaine High School

Brooke Giffen, 11th grade (WCC Nursing Assistant Program)

Ferndale High School

Emma Olson, 10th grade (Eastern Washington University Satori Camp)

Laurel Brinson-Larrabee, 10th grade (Mount Baker Theater camp)

Mari Nordeen, 10th grade (Whitman College Summer Dance Lab)

Lynden Academy High School

Taylor Russell, 9th grade (Northwest Dance Intensive)

Lynden High School

Kaitlyn Vopnford, 9th grade (Joffrey Balley School)

Ben Valley, 9th grade (Lake Samish Music Camp)

Meridian High School

Megan Nelson, 10th grade (Whitman College Summer Dance Lab)

Mount Baker High School

Zoe Kuchar, 9th grade (Phillips Exeter Academy; college preview)

Sumi Suda, 9th grade (WWU Youth Theater Institute)

Wylie Suda, 11th grade (Earthways Nature Education; outdoor program)

Molly Lynch, 11th grade (Otis College of Art and Design)

Grace Naughton, 11th grade (Phillips Exeter Academy; college preview)

Kaitlyn Stapp, 11th grade (WWU College Quest; science)

Sehome High School

Violet Harris, 9th grade (Bellingham Dance Company)

Nate Southcott, 9th grade (Icicle Creek Center for the Arts; theater program)

Ari Geisler, 9th grade (Marrowstone Music Festival)

Spencer Rose, 9th grade (Pioneer Debate Institute at Lewis and Clark)

Celia McDowall, 9th grade (Wild Whatcom; outdoor program)

Markian Romanyshyn, 9th grade (WWU Chamber Days; music)

Marianna Kemp, 9th grade (WWU College Quest; communication/public speaking)

Olivia Monks, 10th grade (Marrowstone Music Festival)

Alena Russell, 10th grade (Oregon Ballet Theater)

Nina Hooper, 10th grade (WWU College Quest; science)

Emma Oppenheimer, 11th grade (Broadway Student Summit; theater)

Spencer Yaude, 11th grade (Marrowstone Music Festival)

Bryce Henshaw, 11th grade (Pioneer Debate Institute at Lewis and Clark)

Jocelyn VanWeerdhuizen, 11th grade (Thespian Festival)

Squalicum High School

Soneel Neumann, 9th grade (Digipen Institute of Technology; computer science)

Catherine Michelutti, 9th grade (Marrowstone Music Festival)

Gabriel Korsmo, 9th grade (North Cascades Institute; outdoor program)

Isabella Flynn-Mendoza, 9th grade (North Cascades Institute; outdoor program)

Lauren Holcomb, 9th grade (Whitman College Summer Dance Lab)

Thahn Phuc Qui Nguyen, 9th grade (WWU College Quest; science)

Kimberley Keay, 10th grade (Eastern Washington University Satori Camp)

Claire Enstad, 10th grade (Interlochen Center for the Arts)

Victor Morales, 10th grade (National Student Leadership Conference on Healthcare)

McKenna O’Keefe, 10th grade (North Cascades Institute; outdoor program)

Amy Khong, 10th grade (Washington Business Week; healthcare week)

Iris Silan, 10th grade (Washington Business Week; healthcare week)

Anna Rink, 10th grade (WWU College Quest)

Kira Vollans, 11th grade (National Student Leadership Conference)

Duy Nguyen, 11th grade (WWU College Quest)








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