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Assistance League Clothes Over 1700 Whatcom County Students

imagesIn the 2016-2017 school year, 1707 elementary and middle school students (K-8) in need were clothed in our Operation School Bell program.

Volunteers from Assistance League and Target were on hand to help students shop during specially arranged shopping events at the Bellis Fair Target Store.

The smiles on the faces of these kids as they shop with their parents and pick out cute clothes is so heart warming. And, the folks at Target could not have been more accommodating.


This program could not have been as successful without the help of the many dedicated Assistance League of Bellingham volunteer members.

Operation School Bell chairs Nanci and Joani thank Assistance League of Bellingham members for being so faithful to the program and willing to adapt to working img_4702various positions as needed.

Nanci commented, “It was wonderful to have so many trained and willing workers. We had over 50 members participate and some members came many times to help fill the jobs. We had brand new members and we had long-time members participate, which tells us that everyone enjoys being a part of the excitement to see these children and families come to shop for school clothes.”

Our Operation School Bell program has expanded to include homeless high school students. In April of 2015, our chapter amended their Operation School Bell program to include the most vulnerable students in public schools.

img_4675“Teen Team” will be awarding vouchers worth $125 to high school students in-need to purchase clothing and shoes at Lakeway Fred Meyer. We are very excited to be able to help these students who have expressed a desire to graduate from high school under adverse circumstances!

Teen Team chair, Sally, reports that “So far this year, 68 vouchers have been issued with 44 vouchers  redeemed.”

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